Welcome to Wartorn!

We are a merry band of game developers committed to bringing interesting and unique game experiences to you gaming table! Over the last four years we have been working on multiple projects and campaigns and now it's our pleasure to bring you our latest creation, Meeple Force!

Meeple Force is a dexterity based action game, with no dice out tape measures. all models, attacks and shots are flicked across the table, using only your raw skill and cunning! Skill and cunning not included.

on Saturday the 28th September 2019, we will be unleashing Meeple Force upon the world. Please check out the Kickstarter page from Wartorn and see it for yourself. We'd love to have you onboard. 

The project is around 80% complete and if funded it will allow us to bring you even more races, missions and flickable components to save the galaxy with :) 

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