Wartorn Games - A New Beginning

Hi Folks, 

As some of you are aware, Infernal has been "Living" mostly on its various Facebook Pages, its Public Page, and its special "backers only" group.

This has been great and has allowed us to chat with people about how rules should be interpreted, discuss (and in some instances arrange games) and go through some of the more interesting points about game balance etc.  

But, it hasn't really helped to open the game or the game world to new people.

So, we're changing things up a gear.  

The Wartorn Games website is now live (go on, click the blue bit, you know you want too) which includes the full current range of Infernal Miniatures and has a Blog page function that we will be making full use of to go through what we are currently working on and inviting comment from the most important people out there, you guys, the people who play.

We are also looking to introduce some playtest rules for the next two factions and over the next couple of months will be adding content and drip feeding some concept art for the Thaddians,the Incarnari and some Trouble shooters, Freelancers and Wildcards who can be added to your games of Infernal to add some new capabilities.

Sneak peek

We will also be adding a list of friendly retailers who will be stocking Infernal.  The list is small (but perfectly formed) and largely UK focussed at the moment, but, if you have any FLGS, who might be up for taking on a new game, let us know, we'll get in touch.


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