About Us

Wartorn Games is a small group of gamers who, having played everyone else's game for almost 100 years* thought we would like to give it a go ourselves.

Armed with an idea that we thought was cool a rapidly expanding batch of concept sketches and drawing heavily from our collective gaming experiences 

Thanks to the help and support of 166 amazing people** and Kickstarter, we managed to raise £16k which meant we could not only get all of the sculpts for the first two factions completed and produced, but, we could also produce some beautiful reference cards and post them out to people all around the world.
Infernal, is Wartorn Games first foray into making the kind of game that  we wanted to play
A game that was quick to learn but difficult to master
Which offered Intuitive rules that encouraged quick play
Was balanced internally
Offered stand alone games or a Narrative style campaign 
Has between 4-6 factions with their own unique feel and style of play

    We've had the help and assistance of an amazing group of playtesters (you know who you are) and the feedback from Backers during the extended Beta at the end of the Kickstarter Campaign helped iron out some of the remaining niggles

    Its been a blast and seeing a box full of miniatures that you've designed is beyond awesome, we hope to see you on the other side of a table soon

    *Thats combined, Al's really old, but not that old